How Swede It Is

Nothing to do with Japan, but with my TSiG involvement, this seems to fit. My good friend Marc Xavier LeBlanc, a photographer and DJ, and self-professed Swedish indie pop freak, will be hosting a 2-hour special program tonight (Saturday) on Canada’s national radio network, CBC (Radio 2). He’s calling it “How Swede It Is,” and describes it as “the sweeter side of the Swedish indie pop rock scene.” The thing will air at midnight (12:05am-2am) Eastern time, and you can listen to it online from this page. I’m quite looking forward to this.

Here’s a list of the artists that will be featured on the show: Stina Nordenstam, Komeda, Ray Wonder, The Seashells, Carpet People, Ward J. Little, Isolation Years, The Radio Dept., Radio LXMBRG, Doktor Kosmos, Lousy, The Legends, Jens Lekman, Testbild, Bob Hund, The Knife, Jennie Medin, First Floor Power, The Concretes, Shermans, Club 8, José González, Kandahar, Melpo Mene, Sofia Talvik, The Tiny, Granada, Chasing Dorotea, Paus, Clay Allison, and Fivel.