Mobile Sites

Now that I have my new WIN phone, I’m trying to find some good sites that are mobile phone or PDA-friendly. Good RSS feeds are also welcome (full feeds, as excerpt do me no good as I’m looking for some stuff to read). Since getting the phone, I’ve been reading the great mobile version of Wired News, as well as that mobile edition of Yahoo! News. Searching tonight, I found this portal, that looks like it’ll give me some good options (haven’t had time to explore it much, but I see that the BBC have a PDA-friendly site that looks nice). As for RSS feeds (which I can access using WINKsite), I have Warren’s Die Puny Humans, Boing Boing, and K10K (which isn’t of much use, since K10K is all about suggesting graphic-heavy sites to visit), and I’d definitely like to find more (and what’s up with the lack of full feeds!). Let me remind you that you can access my site through WINKsite (at this address:, and that from there you can also access whatever feeds I’ll add to it.

Another thing I’m thinking of doing is building a basic Tokyo guide for mobile phones. Basically, it’s something I’d like to have access to, as I often end up somewhere and then forget what the good places to check out are. I imagine others could find it useful also. Nothing major, just listings of nice shops, cafes, etc.