MoCo Tokyo Is Go

mocotokyoI announced a while back that I was going to be involved with the MoCo network of sites, and today marks the launch of MoCo Tokyo, a guide to modern contemporary design in Tokyo. It’s edited by me (meaning I write all the entries). Here’s the announcement that MoCo Loco guru Harry Wakefield just posted:

MoCo Loco is pleased to announce that Jean Snow of fame is now also the editor of MoCo Tokyo, the latest addition to the growing network of MoCo directories worldwide (Amsterdam, Montreal, San Francisco). Tokyo is a hotbed of design and architecture, home to many trends that, increasingly, and rapidly, find their way to the rest of the globe. Jean is a transplanted Acadian with a unique perspective on the city and it’s design. Welcome Jean by sending him a submission here. Bienvenue Jean!

So from now on, all of my writings about design in Tokyo will be posted at the MoCo Tokyo site exclusively (except for graphic and web design). Please let me know what you think, and of course, any suggestions on things that I should be writing about are greatly appreciated. I plan on posting new entries a few times a week.