Braniff with Style

Oh, what I would do to see the return of a Braniff-like airline! I went to the Braniff Airline exhibition today, at Parco Museum, and it so got me wanting to have been an airline traveller in that era (sixties and seventies). Style was as important as anything else, and they had it in droves. […]

Kouchi Market

The latest entry I wrote for MoCo Tokyo is about the very nice-looking Kouchi Market at the Tsukiji fish market. With the MoCo site I need to be a bit more careful about images I use, and the one from their official site wasn’t so great. To get a better idea of what the place […]

Design UK Campaign

October just keeps getting busier and busier, if you’re into design. The British Embassy and the British Council in Tokyo will jointly organize the Design UK campaign in October, a campaign meant to promote the British design industry. More than 40 events, including exhibitions and symposiums, are scheduled to be held at various locations in […]

Ribbon Project

And speaking of (see previous post), it seems that the person who runs it, Okada Eizo, is also behind the Ribbon Project. Ribbon is composed of 4 designers who create beautiful objects using ribbons. They are currently exhibiting at 100% Design in London.

Sonarsound Tokyo 2004

The Sonarsound music festival is coming to Tokyo. It happens October 9-10 in locations around Ebisu Garden Place. The annual Sonar festival has made Barcelona the mecca for all fans of cutting-edge music and art. In 2002, SonarSound was established as an international edition that has so far traveled several European countries, as well as […]

Braniff Airline Expo

A couple of weeks ago I read about the latest exhibition happening at the Parco Museum in Shibuya (part of the renewal celebrations of Parco Part 3) covering the very funky designs of legendary airline Braniff International. As often happens if I don’t immediately write about something, it slipped my mind, but luckily a post […]

Midnight Eye Anime Update

The excellent Japanese movie site Midnight Eye has just released an update that focuses entirely on anime. You’ll find an interview with Oshii Mamoru, an in-depth look at the early days of Japanese animation, and reviews of the following: STEAMBOY, JOURNEY TO THE WEST, CUTIE HONEY, and a round-up of 4 other films. There’s also […]

MoCo Tokyo Is Go

I announced a while back that I was going to be involved with the MoCo network of sites, and today marks the launch of MoCo Tokyo, a guide to modern contemporary design in Tokyo. It’s edited by me (meaning I write all the entries). Here’s the announcement that MoCo Loco guru Harry Wakefield just posted: […]