2004: The End

My last posting of the year. I’m at home, finishing a cup of Kirin Namakuro after a great meal (assorted foods from the Seibu depa-chika). The TV is tuned to KOHAKU – just now we enjoyed a quite powerful rendering of the theme song for SHINSENGUMI, this year’s NHK taiga drama. I’m ringing in the […]


A change of plans. Instead of heading to Kyoto, this morning we made reservations for a trip to Singapore! It’ll be our first time there for the both of us. I’ve never had that much of an interest in going there, but it ended up being one of the best packages available right now, and […]

Radio OK Fred Update

Just thought I’d update you on Radio OK Fred. This afternoon we (me, Ay2, and Yoshi) got together, along with our new sound engineer Gobo, to record the next show. This being the first time we recorded live, it’s a bit more chaotic than the previous mix we did, but it was also a lot […]