2004: The End

My last posting of the year. I’m at home, finishing a cup of Kirin Namakuro after a great meal (assorted foods from the Seibu depa-chika). The TV is tuned to KOHAKU – just now we enjoyed a quite powerful rendering of the theme song for SHINSENGUMI, this year’s NHK taiga drama. I’m ringing in the new year the same way I always do: some flipping through the various TV specials (I want to catch some of the K-1 fights), a bit later we’ll prepare some soba, after eleven I’ll put it to 99’s annual year ending Okamura extravaganza, and then after midnight we’ll head to the Gokokuji temple for hatsumode (praying for a good year). I’m a bit worried about the walk there though, as we had a lot of snow today, and the streets are presently all slushed up. If we can’t make it to Gokokuji, we’ll just go to a smaller Shinto shrines near our place.

To all you readers, huge thanks for following the site this year. As you can see, I’ve been getting busier and busier with various projects, and here’s hoping that 2005 will be even bigger and better!