Tokyo Hotels

One of the things I get emailed about the most is regarding recommendations for hotels in Tokyo. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can usually help with because I’ve never stayed in a hotel in Tokyo — except for the KIMI Ryokan in Ikebukuro, years ago when I first moved here, while I was looking for […]

Surfing the Japanese Music Channels, Part Trois

You know it, you love it, it’s time for another tour of the music channels! M-On has their “Countdown 100” show on right now, and I was just treated to #42: your generic J-pop idol, strutting her stuff like there’s no tomorrow. She’s cute, as are all her backup dancers, and the video is mostly […]

Axis 114

The new issue of AXIS (114) is out, and the feature is: “Branding Is Design.” I’ve really enjoyed the branding articles they’ve had in the past, so looking forward to this one. I think I’ll go pick it up at Junkudo right now…

Radio OK Fred Update

Today we had a recording session for Radio OK Fred, recording the next couple of shows. With the next issue of the magazine (5) scheduled to come out soon (March 10), we sort of did a radio special on it, featuring music from artists featured in the issue. It should be available for download within […]

No More WAP

I had to remove access to the WAP version of my site (for mobile phone users) because the upgrade to WordPress 1.5 seems to have disabled it — it was compatible with 1.2. You can still access this site on a phone by using the WINKsite enabled version.

Shigoto Cafe Torabayu Ginza

This week is your last chance to catch TORABAYU magazine’s design work exhibition in Ginza. An exhibition featuring the design work used for the magazine “Torabayu” in commemorating its 25th anniversary. It will feature 300 magazine covers, train ads and job ads. The show will also recreate “Shigoto Cafe Torabayu”, held in Omotesando from September […]

Jenkins Biography

If you live in Japan, you definitely know who Charles Jenkins is, as he’s been a constant presence on the news in recent years because of the North Korean kidnapping situation. TIME’s Tokyo bureau chief and senior editor Jim Frederick will be working with Jenkins on a book of his life, which I’m sure will […]

Korean Independent Cinema 2005

Oh my, this sounds excellent — and kudos for including English subtitles! Following last year’s premiere, the second edition of this very good event is again happening at Image Forum. The program this time is made up of four feature films, two collaboration projects, and three short films. Although Japan is presently experiencing a boom […]