Paper Sky 12

1281680322I was in Aoyama the other day, doing my regular rounds, and stopped by ABC to pick up the new issue of PAPER SKY (12). The sad thing though, according to a few people that have mentioned this to me, is that this will be the last bilingual issue. You can’t really blame the publishers, as it seems that the number of non-Japanese people who are buying the magazine is minuscule (probably me, and a few readers of this site). So this issue is probably the last one I’ll be picking up. Too bad, as it’s usually one of my favorite reads.
If you clicked on the link to their official site, you’ll be greeted with a page that’s 2 issues out of date. This is especially strange, as the new issue has a one-page article on their growing web presence — limited to their Book 246 shop and an Excite Japan venture featuring a blog (Japanese only).