Some of you might remember me alluding to a possible new writing opportunity a while back, and I can finally announce that I’ve become a Japanese correspondent to Gizmodo, part of the Gawker Media empire. A couple of months ago, I had the great pleasure of spending some time with the man behind Gawker Media, Nick Denton, as well as Gizmodo’s editor Joel Johnson, while they were in Tokyo for a week. We’d discussed about me doing something for them, and now my first post is up on Gizmodo. So if you’re into gadget related news and views, expect some Japanese flavour from me over there (and probably lots of pics).

Also, if you are aware of interesting gadget/technology related happenings in the city, do let me know. I’m especially interesting in the fashion or social aspects of Japanese gadgetry, trying to find trends and out-of-the-ordinary ways that the Japanese have integrated technology in their lives.