Tangerine 1.0

Well, made it to the other side, with just a few bumps and bruises. The funny thing about updating the site right now, is that it coincides with today’s official release of WordPress 1.5 — I’d been working on the redesign with an earlier build of 1.5 (gamma release).

So, about the redesign. Well, as much as a lot of people seemed to like the old version, I’d grown tired of it, and more importantly, I felt that important structural changes needed to be made, and I thought doing a slight makeover might be fun also. The orange will change, it just fits my mood right now. The site no long depends on small graphical logos as part of the color scheme, so I can easily switch things whenever I feel like it (I’m sure Paul is dreading a return of the sakura version). Oh, and the site looks much better on a Mac, where you will notice the use of the Lucida Grande font, in all its anti-aliased glory.

I’ll post more on the structural changes later, but I think the site is now closer to how I feel it should be seen on first visit. I still need to flesh out a few things (like a new “about” page), which I’ll get to as soon as possible.

Oh, and WordPress 1.5 rocks!