TB.Movel Update

You’ll notice a slight change in the sidebar with my moblog, TB.Movel. Mfop, the service I’ve been using since I started moblogging 2 years ago, has not been working for me for over a week, and so I decided to try using the Flickr feature that lets you send pics by email, which you can set to be blogged. It seems to be working fine — although I wish you had more control over the size of the thumbnail) — which means that I think I’m going to finally ditch my Movable Type installation that I kept for use with Mfop (it doesn’t work with WordPress). I’ve never wanted TB.Movel posts to get mixed into the main feed, but what I’ll do is still integrate the two, but set it so those posts don’t appear here (which you can easily do in WP 1.5).

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve really taken a liking to Flickr, and so I’m happy to now have my moblogging pics included in the system. I’m also happy to be getting rid of MT for good. WP all the way, I say!

Update: Mfop is back up and running.