This Week in Magazines

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  • As mentioned yesterday, a new issue of ART iT (7) is now out on newsstands, featuring a look at “180 creators ‘with the jolt factor,’ together with lists of outstanding venues and books hints at Tokyo’s current cultural life.”
  • There’s a very cute magazine out called CAMERA BIYORI (LIFE WITH CAMERA). Obviously aimed at girls, it sets out to cover photography in a very attractive manner. It looks like those zakka-friendly magazines, with lots of keitai-sized images throughout. It does get technical though, featuring camera suggestions and the like, even giving tips on how to photoshop your digital images into looking like Lomo shots. Vol. 2 is out now.
  • Graniph has put out GRANIPH VOL. 1: CREATORS INDEX MAGAZINE (cover image here), and like the title suggests, it offers up short creator profiles with examples of their work. The thick magazine is relatively cheap (1000 yen), and entirely in English.
  • This months’s issue of SWITCH (May 2005) covers Shimokitazawa, something that a lot of magazines are doing lately, related to the plans to build a highway in the area — last week’s issue of METROPOLIS had an article on the topic. It’s your basic “celebrities list their favorites shops/cafes/bars/eateries” kind of thing.