This Week in Magazines (Addendum)


  • A new issue of PAPER SKY (13) has hit the newsstands, and as expected, it is Japanese-only. I like what they’ve done with the format, reducing the size a bit — easier to travel with? But it’s still sad that they’ve decided to go this route, and ignore their international readers (even if we were few).
  • The latest issue of DIGMEOUT (5) is quite nice, and deserves a look. DIGMEOUT is a Japanese graphic art magazine featuring bilingual text (Japanese/English), with most of the space taken up by images. Reading the editor’s forward, it seems like they’re doing quite well right now, collaborating to produce all sorts of interesting events and projects. The gorgeous cover really stands out.
  • The June issue of the Japanese edition of ESQUIRE features a look at German products. It’s a nice piece of design-porn.