This Week in Magazines

  • The latest issue of PEN offers a fascinating look at the world of design for kids. It’s a very appealing set of articles, with some nice visuals, and I was a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed leafing through it. PEN has been really pulling out some terrific issues of late.
  • BRUTUS takes a look at “21st Century Cooking.” I leafed through this a few days ago, and I’m already forgetting what I saw, so not their best issue.
  • Although I haven’t seen it on newsstands yet, this month’s issue of RELAX (June) is looking like a good one, with the theme “Visit Tokyo, Accept Tokyo.” I’m anxious to get my hands on this to see what it’s really all about — and hoping for some “old school” RELAX, rather than the new glossy blandness of last month’s issue.