This Week in Magazines


  • The latest issue of PEN takes a look at a few art directors, with some nice profiles, and plenty of visuals to enjoy. PEN has really been coming out with some nice issues of late.
  • The new +81 (28) is the “Japanese Absolute Sense” issue, which is just an excuse to profile (with interviews) current Japanese designers, including favorites like Kenya Hara and Naoki Sato. They also include a look at 34 up-and-comers — one page for each, includes a short Q&A, and lots of images. A must-buy issue (and it’s bilingual).
  • As I moblogged a while back, the latest BRUTUS is their 25th anniversary issue, featuring a silver embossed cover. The issue itself is a bit of a disappointment, but the tour of past covers is nice.
  • The latest STUDIO VOICE is a must-buy for lovers of manga. They go through 200 current essentials, and it makes for a nice list. They give props to my man Noaki Urusawa, which makes me happy.
  • The current SWITCH has a big cover feature on Kyoko Koizumi. I’m not that familiar with her — I know she was a big idol back in the day — but I did like her role in the excellent SURVIVE STYLE 5+ film.