Designboom in Tokyo

To add to the crazy number of interesting events happening during Tokyo Design Week, online design magazine Designboom is coming to Tokyo for the first time to participate in the 100% Design Tokyo exhibition (November 2-6). Their show will include more than 40 designers from around the world, and will be presented in the form […]

On Design

My new column for THE JAPAN TIMES, called “On Design,” is going to appear in the lifestyle section of tomorrow’s paper (Tuesday), and will continue on a monthly basis every fourth Tuesday. In it, I will spotlight 4-5 items that I feel to be noteworthy for their design. For this first edition I chose 4 […]

Metropolis 600

This week’s issue of METROPOLIS marks the big 600 for the magazine, and the cover feature is a fun look at 600+ tidbits (so massive it needs to be continued in the next issue) about the city. Congrats to the whole crew for making it so far! The weekly has been a constant (back from […]

CET 2005

The annual “Central East Tokyo” (CET) event, part of the ongoing R-project that aims to “revitalize Tokyo’s economically and culturally depressed central east district,” is getting set for its third appearance (October 1-10). Events will take place in many areas (Marunouchi, Nihonbashi, Kanda, Higashi-Kanda, Akihabara, Bukuro-cho, and Hacchoubori), with the theme this year being “Street […]

Another Kami-Robo Exhibition

If you missed out on seeing the Kami-Robo shows at GGG and the Parco Gallery earlier this year (some previous posts), here’s another chance to see Tomohiro Yasui’s paper fighters in all their glory, this time at the KDDI Designing Studio. KDDI Designing Studio showcases over 200 “Kami-Robos”, robot-fighters made out of paper. Discover their […]

This Week in Magazines

This month’s SWITCH (October) is their 20th anniversary issue, and at the same time acts as a fashion issue. Coverboy Masaharu Fukuyama gets a lot of coverage inside, appearing in a few articles (fashion spreads, profiles). Fans of Chiaki Kuriyama might want to check out the issue, as she also appears in a fashion piece. […]

Maku Remu

Although I’ve yet to meet him in meatspace (even though he doesn’t live that far from my place), David Macklem has been a longtime reader and we keep in touch. I updated you a while back on the work he did for Knee High Media’s relaunched website, and his latest site is for the independent […]

Uncharted Settlements

If the above image (“Uncharted Settlements I”) is anything to go by, the upcoming Slater Bradley show at the Taka Ishii Gallery in November is going to be a fun one — let the geek within take control! Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce the debut solo exhibition in Japan of New York based […]