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I couldn’t really let a day pass by without any mention of Mamma Gun, so I offer this pic of the main man behind the whole thing, Jesper Larsson, taken 2 days ago for a magazine article. He arrives in Tokyo today, and I’m sure my world is going to get turned upside down.

Oh, and thank you for all the orders I’ve already received for t-shirts and Snapazoos! It’s nice to see that there’s an actual interest for these things.


Tokyo Design Week Preview

GAKUGEIBU PhotoMy JAPAN TIMES article covering the big four design events being held next week is now online. I will follow-up next month with a longer diary-style piece that will highlight the best (and maybe the worst) of what I’ll be taking in next week.

Design Events

Beauty for Free!!


And since I’m mentioning unusual events happening during next week’s design celebrations, how about some beauty improvements from the “Mystery of Beauty” team for free? From their “Beauty for Free!” site:

According to our slogan “Beauty for free!!” we will provide various, unusual ways in order to improve your beauty instantly and free of charge.


This, rather interactive project, tries to find out the cultural differences of the perception of beauty. We want to find out, how people react, interact and understand beauty. What is the mystery of beauty for you? And what would you do, in order to achieve beauty? Against this background we are especially aiming for the differences between Japanese and German people.

The “Beauty Competence Team” will be out and about throughout Tokyo Design Week, with locations to be announced on their website.

Design Events

Fresh Touch

Something I think you won’t want to miss during Tokyo Design Week: a French-Japanese food design exhibition called “Fresh Touch.” Sounds… delicious! It also reminds of the — saddly — now defunct EAT magazine. Catch it at Laune Galerie, November 2-6 (10:30-19:00).



4047915106.09.LZZZZZZZI wanted to clear things up, following some comments on the Jim Frederick involvement with the recently published Japanese Charles Jenkins autobiography. I checked with Jim, and KOKUHAKU is indeed the book he wrote with Jenkins. When the publisher asked if he wanted to be mentioned in the Japanese edition, he decided that it wasn’t necessary (he still shares the full copyright with Jenkins though). But if the book comes out in English (there’s still no publisher for an English-language edition) his involvement should be made more clear.

Also, last week’s issue of TIME ASIA featured an excerpt from the book, which you can read here.


Sin City Bar


The temporary Sin City bar in Aoyama.

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Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 27

056F-170I went to my first Pecha Kucha Night at SuperDeluxe earlier tonight, and had a great time. I’ve never attended because I only get back home around 9 on Wednesdays, and with the event always starting at 7:30-8, I never figured it was worth going. But I had to meet some people about an article, and found out that it ends up going until around 11. Noriko Honma, one of main people behind Swedish Style, gave a presentation, and it was nice to see a slide on our Mamma Gun event and the Snapazoo. Also, I was surprised to learn during the Klein Dytham presentation (they actually organize the whole thing) that the new Uniqlo flagship store in Ginza is by them! The pics actually made me want to have a look inside (honestly, I haven’t been to a Uniqlo shop in ages — but today’s mention by Yuki on her site that they’re producing clothing with airline branding also got me wanting to check out one of their stores again).

So yeah, Pecha Kucha, great stuff, and I’m already looking forward to the next edition (even if I have to miss the first half). Actually, they have tons of interesting events happening next week also, including special Pecha Kucha nights, and celebrations for the bar’s 3rd year anniversary (have a look at the schedule). I imagine that me and Jesper will end up there a bunch of times…

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T-Shirt and Snapazoo Sales


I promised the other day that I would give more details on how to order Mamma Gun t-shirts and Swedish Style Snapazoos, and so here goes. The Snapazoos (for more info on the Snapazoos, visit the official Laughtoys website) came in today, so are now available. They go for 1680 yen, and are yellow/blue (not like the ones pictured in this post). The Mamma Gun t-shirts, in low quantities, will be available around November 1, and will go for 2000 yen. T-shirts are by Anvil, and will come in the following 5 sizes, with appropriate colored lettering (on white):

  • Kid’s L — blue or black
  • S — yellow or black
  • M — red or black
  • L — black only
  • XL — green or black

Here are shipping costs (including packaging), first for t-shirt only:

  • North America — 700 yen
  • Europe — 700 yen
  • Japan — 500 yen

For the Swedish Style Snapazoo only:

  • North America — 550 yen
  • Europe — 550 yen
  • Japan — 350 yen

And if you want to order both a t-shirt and Snapazoo together (which is of course the best deal):

  • North America — 800 yen
  • Europe — 800 yen
  • Japan — 500 yen

Payment is accepted through PayPal in Japanese funds (PayPal takes care of converting, so don’t worry about it), and you can do so by clicking on the PayPal icon that you’ll find at the bottom of the sidebar on the right (if you have a problem with the direct link, make the payment to “”). In Japan, payment by furikomi is fine also — email me for account info.

Items, upon availability, should be sent out within 1 business day. Like I said, the Snapazoos are available now, and the t-shirts will be ready in about a week. If you want to be sure to get a tee (remember, low quantities), I would suggest ordering one as soon as possible, as this will reserve it for you.

In case you’re wondering what all of this means in terms of US dollars, at today’s exchange rate (05/10/25), a tee would be around $17.50, a Snapazoo around $14.60, and 500 yen is around $4.35.

UpdateT-shirts and Snapazoos are no longer being sold.

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Lapnet Ship and Lapnet Club







A few pics from the Toshiko Kimura “Nothing Happened in the Forest” exhibition at Lapnet Ship, and “Studio Poco Photo Exhibition #002 — Oh! Delicious!” at Lapnet Club.

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Camouflage Vol. 07

I know I’ve been harping on and on about our “Son of a Gun” birthday party, part of the Mamma Gun festivities, at Cafe Pause on November 5 — I will see you there, right? — but the event will end at 24:00, and so for those looking to prolong the evening, let me point you to “Camouflage Vol. 07” at Bullet’s, in which Digiki (with Antennasia, Otkaki, with a few DJs and VJs) will be participating — and quite possibly previewing parts of his new album. It goes on all night (22:00-5:00), 2000 yen at the door (includes 1 drink).