Radio MXUT Vol. 2

Marxy and U.T. get down and dirty with a brand spankin’ new episode of Radio MXUT! Radio MXUT returns to the Internet with a new frantic mega-mix podcast based on the theme of “electricity.” Over the course of 49 minutes, hosts marxy and u.t. (Kiiiiiii) bring you thirty energetic musical selections: obscure pico pico Japanese […]

The Feed

It seems that the FeedBurner feed to the site had gone down after my update of WordPress (I think it had to do with the setting I used to redirect the feed produced by WP to the FeedBurner one). It’s back up now, and I do hope that you continue to use it as it […]


Remember that post from a while back about Johan Prag looking for a design assistant? Seems like the person who got the position, Ayasaki, learned about it from here. It’s definitely nice to see that this site has its uses.

This Week in Magazines

The latest issue of IDEA (315) features a rather nice gallery of drawings by Aquirax Uno, an artist I wasn’t familiar with at all. BRUTUS (588) sets out to learn from geniuses (“Meet the Geniuses”) in a feature that I found to be a bit too arbitrary. The latest PEN (170) is all about design […]

Curious QP

I love that Patrick continues to search the city for signs of QP. His latest moblog find (what you see here) is a bit of a strange one (found in Minami-Asagaya). Update:¬†And while on the topic of street tags, Patricks points us to CBCNET‘s photolog, TANK.

Missing Pages

I mentioned the works of Tokyo-based Canadian video artist Jerome Olivier a while back, and he lets me know that his 24-minute short film, “Missing Pages (amended version),” an interesting motion/photo mix that he describes as “fotomation,” is now completed. You can view the opening 7 minutes on his site.