AtoZ Cafe


I was out in Harajuku and Aoyama yesterday, and had a chance to check out the new AtoZ Cafe (walk down the street following the Spiral building, coming from Omotesando Crossing, and you’ll see a sign for it to your right once you get close to the end of the street), a collaboration between artist Yoshitomo Nara and design company graf. I quite liked the “homey” feel within — the whole place is made to look like an old cafe that Nara had created during his high-school days. Nestled in the middle is a “house,” with a room that looks like some sort of atelier for a young Nara, with plenty of art on display. I really liked the vibe, and it’s now become one of my favorite Aoyama cafes. Definitely looking forward to going back.

I’ve put up a Flickr photoset of shots I took at the cafe.