Month: July 2006

  • LushRush

    Midori Hirano is finally getting ready to release her first full-length album. LUSHRUSH, on Noble, will be out September 25. Fans of OK FRED will notice that the cover is by our dear Ay2. Patrick has more info on his Agenda, including a complete track listing.

  • Kiiiiiii DVD Through PayPal

    Kiiiiiii are now taking international orders of their DVD through PayPal! Update: Here’s a trailer for the DVD on YouTube.

  • PauseTalk Mailing List

    I’ve set up a mailing list for PauseTalk through Google Groups, as a way of staying in touch with participants, and to be able to send reminders of upcoming events/themes. You can join by subscribing here. Although the group is public, only members can reply or send messages.

  • Masakatsu Takagi Profile

    The US Apple site has put up a rather nice video profile of multimedia artist Masakatsu Takagi. They’re also hosting a few of his video works. I reviewed his new album in the latest issue of OK FRED.

  • This Week in Magazines

    As mentioned the other day, the new issue of PAPER SKY (18) goes bilingual with its guide to Tokyo’s Akihabara district. It’s a rather nice selection, which also includes some themed walking routes. Also, the goods section includes the new collaborative tee with PMKFA‘s “It’s Our Thing” line, which we recently exhibited at Cafe Pause.…

  • LOHAS for Everyone

    You’ve probably noticed me using the term LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) often in my “This Week in Magazines” posts, since it’s become a favorite topic of quite a few magazines. If you’re not really quite sure what the term represents and how it got started, last week’s issue of METROPOLIS had an informative…

  • AtoZ Cafe

    The AtoZ Cafe in Aoyama.

  • Expat Video

    One of the frustrating things for anyone living here who’s into foreign films but who can’t read Japanese subtitles is that you’re pretty limited in what you can watch. I was just sent a link to this site, Expat Video, which is a Japanese DVD rental-by-mail service specializing in Japanese films (and other foreign films)…

  • JT at Fuji

    THE JAPAN TIMES has just launched its first blog, and it’s to cover this weekend’s Fuji Rock festival. If anyone catches Marxy out there, point to him and laugh — he’ll love you for it!

  • Paper Sky 18

    The new issue of PAPER SKY (18), featuring a bilingual cover story and guide to Akihabara, is now out. I love that Lego cover!