Starting a Business in Japan

What does it take to start a business in Japan as a foreigner? Elizabeth Mueller did the research, and put together this incredibly clear and detailed guide to all of the steps you’ll need to cross in order to make it happen. It also features interviews with my buddies Mark McFarlane (Tacchi) and Chris Palmieri […]

Liberal Democratic Japan

I was really upset that I had to miss last week’s N√©ojaponisme joint at the SO+BA gallery — it was to be my first DJ stint, dammit — but I am glad to hear that it turned out to be a great NJ lovefest. And now time to point you to the site today for […]

The Tonkatsu Tapes

During his recent visit to Tokyo, Patrick Macias sat down with Marxy at a discount tonkatsu shop, and they then proceeded to record for Neojaponisme a talk on, among other things, the state of the Japanese recession and current yankii culture. I give you, The Tonkatsu Tapes.

Tokyo Chinatown Ikebukuro

Could Ikebukuro be getting its very own Chinatown? A plan by some Chinese store and restaurant owners to create a community named “Tokyo Chinatown Ikebukuro” to promote interaction with their local Japanese neighbors is getting a negative reaction. What’s the problem? There has been trouble between Japanese and Chinese businesspeople over problems such as garbage […]

Just Looking

No, that’s not an idol video, or at least it’s not sold that way. The video is from a DVD series by record label Avex called Miteru Dake (Just Looking). As you can see, it features girls — pumped-up breasts and all — just, well, looking. The idea is that it’s for shy men, to […]