Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

I ended up doing a double bill of watching Underworld: Blood Wars and this back-to-back, and I felt that Resident Evil was the funner movie of the two to watch. I’m not a huge fan of the series, but I’ve seen them all, and so I figured I’d see how they “end” it. It had some pretty fun/ridiculous action sequences, although the quick cuts (editing) throughout did get distracting at times. It’s not a great movie, but I had a pretty good time watching it.

Underworld: Blood Wars

I used to enjoy watching these movies — slick gun-fu action with the lovely Kate Beckinsale kicking ass — but I think I’ve tired of the series, because I didn’t find much enjoyment in watching Blood Wars. The story was pretty boring, and the action sequences weren’t particularly interesting — save for the short battle on ice between Selene and Marius. And I really hated the look of all the white-haired vampires, which came off as too cheesy (and oh god those blonde highlights on Selene at the end, make it stop). I think I’m just tired of vampires/werewolves as well. I don’t imagine I’ll watch the next one (if another one gets made).

Sunday Morning Cartoon Cavalcade Vol. 2

Well, it didn’t take long for my plans to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings to switch over to Sunday mornings, and that’s because the new season of Samurai Jack airs on Saturday nights, and so it’s what I want to watch first thing on Sunday. This past Sunday I again kicked things off with Samurai Jack, which was episode 3 of the new season, and another fantastic one at that — the fight in the snow was mesmerizing. I followed that up with Star Wars Rebels, although with that series I’m running a few episodes behind — I think the 3rd season just ended, but I’m at episode 16. I then watched a couple of Mickey Mouse shorts, one of them the “Tokyo Go” one, which is just so much fun to watch. After that, I still had Samurai Jack on my mind, and so decided to go back and watch one of the older episodes. I had started watching them a while back, and so went back to that, which was season 2’s 5th episode. There were interesting parallels with what we’re seeing in the new season, as he confronts 8 deadly robots, with a scene that surely inspired the one where the sisters each get their masks. I liked going back to watching something old, so decided to follow that up with Ren & Stimpy, which I haven’t watched since back in the day. I watched the pilot episode, and I think I’ll keep watching some each week. I then capped my cartoon watching with Steven Universe. I’d heard it was good, but for some reason had never bothered checking it out. I watched the first 2 episodes, and absolutely loved them. I’m in.


Next up for 1986 was Platoon. I’ll say this, I found the scenes in the village — that spark the riff between the sergeants — to be even more disturbing than I remembered. Might be that at this point in my life I can better appreciate the horror of the situation. It’s still a mesmerizing film to watch, but the weak point is definitely Charlie Sheen, and unfortunately he’s at the center of it — his narration is really quite dull.


I thought it would take longer before I embarked on another 80s movie marathon, but I already felt like diving back in, and decided to kick off 1986 with Aliens. I can’t really say if I prefer Alien or Aliens — I love them both for very different reasons. But I’ll say that watching Aliens again — it had been quite a while — was just as enjoyable as I remembered it being. Great characters, great art direction (oh man that exo-skeleton), and great lines. There’s even more I want to watch from 1986 than 1985, and I think Aliens made for a perfect start.

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt

I loved the first season of this series — slickly animated mech action set in my favorite Gundam era, with a jazz soundtrack. They’re doing a second OVA season, with the first episode out, and I loved it. It’s basically more of what we got from the first season, but on a larger scale (the first season felt a bit more intimate in terms of setting). Looking forward to the rest of the season.


Sure, this is the second Shyamalan film I like in a row (following The Visit), so it’s too early to talk about a career resurgence, but he’s definitely making stuff I want to see again. And oh man, that ending. My wife was disappointed because for her it didn’t mean anything, but for me, I loved the connection, and I’m happy to hear what his next film is going to be. And what a fantastic performance by James McAvoy.