Books Read in 2023

This is the fifth year of doing book challenges (following 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022) and it’s unfortunately been my worse year yet when it comes to the number of books read. As with last year, I had given myself a target of 20, and felt incredibly short this year, only finishing 7. I’m not sure what happened, I still read tons daily, but mostly on the web, magazines (via Apple News+), and comics (both American and European). When it comes to books, I’ve also regressed to my bad habit of starting a lot of them, but moving on to other things — according to Goodreads (I always log a book when I start it), I’m “currently reading” 27, which is a problem (although many of these were started before 2023). For 2024 I’m again giving myself a target of 20, and also to try and tackle as many of those unfinished reads as possible (and to just give up and remove the books I really don’t want to finish). Below are links to my mini reviews on Goodreads of the books I did finish.

  1. Make Something Wonderful (Steve Jobs)
  2. Boss Fight Books: Metal Gear Solid (Ashly Burch & Anthony Burch)
  3. On His Majesty’s Secret Service (Charlie Higson)
  4. The Big Four (Agatha Christie)
  5. The Mystery of the Blue Train (Agatha Christie)
  6. The Strategy Book: How to Think and Act Strategically to Deliver Outstanding Results (Max McKeown)
  7. The Three-Body Problem (Liu Cixin)