Kei Suzuki Event at Cafe Pause

I just posted a Flickr photoset of shots from the “Test [N]” sound/video performance we had last month at the cafe, involving Kei Suzuki. They’re having another performance, this time with Tupelo Drive, a full accoustic band (which will be accompanied by Suzuki on visuals), tonight (September 30) from 20:00. Drop by if you’re in […]

United Bamboo and Pinceau Omotesando

Last night I dropped by the opening reception for the new United Bamboo shop in Aoyama (behind Omotesando Hills), along with the new Masamichi Katayama-designed Pinceau store, located in the same building. The United Bamboo store has a sort of gallery concept, which gives it a livelier feel than the Daikanyama store. I don’t know […]

Murata Boy

Who says robots in Japan are dead? A robot rides a bicycle at the headquarters of electronics equipment maker Murata Manufacturing Co. The “Murata Boy” can ride up a 25-degree slope and stop without losing its balance. It can also make an S-curve without falling off the bicycle. The new robots will be shown at […]

New Halcali Single

I’ll admit it, I have a soft spot for Halcali, and Patrick’s Agenda has word of a new single, that will also act as the theme song for the new anime version of the Powerpuff Girls (to be called POWERPUFF GIRLS Z), starting October 7. The single itself is only out in December.