This Week in Magazines


Yes, another one, because I stopped by Junkudo earlier today and picked up a few magazines for the cafe (full list here).

  • The new issue of PAPER SKY (19) is out. It’s a return to Japanese-only — although the editorial is bilingual, for some reason — with the feature “London on the Grass,” which covers various football stadiums, and pretty much shows you how to take in the English football experience. There’s also a pictorial with Kahimi Karie at Nadiff.
  • This month’s EYESCREAM (2006/12) is “The Connection Issue,” which not unlike the recent issue of +81, looks at various creators working together (like Nigo and Pharell for instance).
  • ARNE (17) features buttons on the cover, and then leads in with a big feature on Cow Books, with an extensive pictorial of their bookmobile in action. They also spotlight some nice stationery — notebooks in this case — from Gekkoso.