Goodbye 2006

Well, as 2006 draws to a close, I find myself spending it pretty much the same way I’ve done so for years now. Earlier today we went to Seibu’s depachika and loaded up on food. We’ve eaten a good part of it, waiting until around 23:00 or so for the soba. I’m flipping through all […]

JEANSNOW.NET Searches: End of December 2006

So what are the search terms that are bringing readers to the site these days? “jean snow” and “jeansnow” are still tops, so either it’s people who can’t remember the site’s address (hint: starts with “jeansnow,” ends with “.net”), or I’ve got a little cult of personality going. Bape is still going strong — the […]

More from TDW at MoCo Loco

There’s still a backlog of photos I took during Tokyo Design Week that MoCo Loco hasn’t gotten around to posting yet, but they will come, starting with these latest two (from 100% Design Tokyo): Ismi Design Office (pictured above) and i-Design. And in other MoCo Loco-related news, it’s no secret that the MoCo Tokyo site […]

iTunes Japan Tracks Worldwide

Anime News Network is reporting that even though you can’t register with a non-Japanese credit card on the iTunes Music Store Japan, you can buy tracks no matter where you are with an iTunes Japan Music card, which can be purchased on Amazon Japan and Jbox.

Christmas in Tokyo 2006

What does a Jean Snow Christmas in Tokyo look like? Well, this year, things kicked off a bit early on Saturday night, when my good friend Denis — a childhood friend, and interactive designer, from my hometown who recently moved to Tokyo — dropped by Cafe Pause for a drink. For dinner, I wanted to […]