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The End of Intelligent Idiot

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Chin Music Press‘ Craig reports:

It’s with a heavy heart I have to report that one of my favorite English language bookshops here in Tokyo is closing its doors this week. Intelligent Idiot sits next to Yoga Jaya in the Las Chicas courtyard in back-alley Omotesando. It’s small and it’s selection limited. But thanks to the masterful eye of proprietor book-mistress Mika-san, almost every tome on their walls is a keeper. And they’re a CMP supporter.

The building is being smashed and rebuilt and at the very least, Mika-san reports, they’ll be closed for a year with very little chance of opening again in the new building.

So we’ve all got a mere 10 days or so to clean out all of the remaining inventory. Rumor has it there’s going to be quite a sale on Wednesday, January 31st, with most books selling for a measly ¥100. And probably, if you put on your best puppy dog eyes, you’ll get a couple freebies thrown in too. So if you can read English, like books, and have a big bag, bring your love and the bag to Intelligent Idiot and load up on the best of what’s left.