Densha Otoko DVD Release


Why should you pick up the R1 DVD of DENSHA OTOKO (TRAIN MAN), out from Viz Pictures next week? I’ll let Patrick Macias pitch it:

The Viz Pictures R1 DVD of Train Man: Densha Otoko comes out next Tuesday (Feb/6) in the USA. “So what?” you groan, inbetween sucks on a Fudgecicle before mumbling something about how the TV series was supposed to be better. Well, this disc here comes with a running audio commentary supplied by Anime City co-author Tomohiro Machiyama, the mysterious “Jay Tack” and myself. We talk about Akihabara and the usual otaku poisons, how the whole Densha Otoko phenomenon could merely be a massive conspiracy on the part of the eeeevil Dentsu ad agecy, and even reveal the shocking truth about the Adult Video-only sequel to the film: The Kissing and Sex of Densha Otoko! The most effective words in any sales pitch are “get” “want” and “need.” So if those don’t convince you to go out and buy one then perhaps you aren’t human!