This Week in Magazines

cover 200703

  • MAC POWER (207) sports a cover story on Steve Jobs. It’s of course all in Japanese, but there are quite a few classic quotes that pepper the piece, and they make for a good read (and some nice old photos as well). The issue also puts the spotlight on a few independent magazines, and there’s a look at “Kashiwa’s [Sato] Life & Work Style.” I think there was something about Sato in every magazine I browsed through this week.
  • BRUTUS (611) is a REAL man’s magazine this week: “Cars to Drive, Suits to Wear.” I wrote a while back on my desire to get a bit more smart with my clothes, and so suits have been on my mind of late — I want a 60s cut, with cigarette pants — but there’s nothing I can really afford in here. For the car component, I did find it more interesting than usual because it’s mostly about celebrities and their cars. I will say that comedian Gori (of the duo Garage Sale) has a mean-looking ride (I forget the name, but it looks like a classic Mustang, all in black).
  • This month’s cover feature for TOKION JAPAN (57) is — drum roll, please — Kashiwa Sato, as the “glocal creator!” It seems like TOKION is already taking a step back from what they were doing since the re-launch. Now, don’t get me wrong, I quite like Kashiwa Sato’s work — and hadn’t realized that he created the logo for the National Art Center, Tokyo — but I’m not sure it was necessary for TOKION to use him for a feature, especially since there is no lack of Sato on the newsstands these days.
  • +81 (35) celebrates its 10th anniversary with their “Now and Then 10th Anniversary Issue.” You’ll find a satisfying collection of creator interviews, and rich in images, as we’ve come to expect from the magazine.
  • Music fans rejoice, the latest issue of PEN (193) is all about design in rock, so album art galore, as well as a look at a few creators, and celebrities listing their faves.