TB.Pensar 005

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It’s Golden Week — or GW, as the cool kids’s call it — the weather’s nice, and as a result my mail correspondence and postings here have suffered. But as you’ve probably noticed, I took the day to catch up on things, hence the 12 new posts today (including this one), and my satisfying empty inbox (feels soooo good).

I posted about it, but again, congrats to Craig, Paul, and Chris — CMP + AQ — for the official launch of Hitotoki. Not only does the site look great, I also love the fact that this was born out of Co-Lab — they all share space there — and it’s seeing stuff like that happen that makes me wish I could occasionally work from there (I can’t really justify the expense though).

Contact/friends requests. I do get a lot of them, and so let me set the record straight. Maybe I’m just too old-fashioned or something, but I only accept them when they come from people that I actually know or have been in contact with. Personally, I don’t really see the point of having friend/contact/buddy lists filled with names of people I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel very logical or even useful. So apologies to anyone who may take offense to this, but I honestly just don’t get it.

I was finally able to pick up the latest issue of MONOCLE the other day — Japan seems to get it a week later than the official release date — and I was so happy to see all the bicycle coverage, including that stunning cover. I would love to get my hands on a Skeppshult (SWE), or maybe even build an Arrow (JPN) from the ground up! Craig, I need your expertise!

Has anyone tried to get in touch with 21_21 Design Sight by mail? I’ve sent a few emails to them, through the address found on their site, for info on their membership program and have yet to receive any replies. The site does state to mail them regarding membership details, so I’m quite annoyed by this. If they weren’t planning on dealing with mail, then they should have put the details on their website in the first place.

It’s been a while since I’ve produced something at the cafe, and I’m sort of itching to do something new before the next Swedish Style event. Right now I’m thinking something magazine-related, sort of inspired by the Colophon event, but obviously on a smaller scale (more emphasis on display than on presentations). I’m thinking something that would showcase magazines, but not sure if it should be international or Japan-oriented, that latter making more sense if held outside of Japan. I’ll see what I come up with, but feel free to share any ideas (I already have a few of my own, but I’d rather have something more definite before going into details).

Now is usually the time that I start rambling about the latest games I’m playing, but instead — and to spare you from just writing about my incredible time with WORLD OF WARCRAFT — I’ll announce that Brad and I have decided to start a game column together. After threatening to start one in the last TB.Pensar, Brad got in touch with me, suggesting that we do something together, based on our incessant iChat sessions on all things game. So the column, hopefully to launch soon, will take the form of a discussion between the two of us, talking about our current game obsessions. We just have to stop playing WoW long enough — we’re even playing the boardgame version now — to get one done!