This Week in Magazines

  • PEN (198) treats us men to a cooking class (that’s what the feature is called, literally “men’s cooking class”), with lots of very tasty recipes, as well as a roundup of a few eat-out ideas.
  • STUDIO VOICE (378) has finally moved beyond its anniversary celebrations and tackles something new, this time with a “Movie Guide for Dissatisfied Audiences.” Takeshi Kitano is on the cover — he talks about his new film, KANTOKU: BANZAI! They have a large piece covering American TV shows, with suggestions on what you should be catching on DVD (lots of duds, if you ask me).
  • EYESCREAM (2007/06) takes it outside with “The Park Issue.” The back cover and pictorial features Beck as shot by Keiichi Nitta.
  • AXIS (127) has Hella Jongerius for its cover interview, with a feature covering various branding stories. I also notice that their website has eliminated any trace of English — the magazine remains fully bilingual.
  • BRUTUS (616) goes red this issue with a terrific look at Beijing. I love the layouts and art they’ve chosen for the various pieces, and you get a nice look at the city’s art district. I really liked the guide to bookstores, as well as book cafes. If it’s restaurants listings you crave, then the “Delicious City, Beijing” insert is for you. Me, I like my Chinese eats from the streets and markets.
  • TITLE (88) has another great issue this month, with its “Tokyo Now & Then” cover feature. They look at the past and present of the city, through various “expansive” categories (cinema, gourmet, music, architecture, and fashion). Pizzicato Five’s Yasuharu Konishi has a great quote in the opening piece, saying that the only thing that doesn’t change in Tokyo are the department stores. Very true. As an insert, the issue also features 4 souvenir postcards, that are quite nice.
  • PAPER SKY (21) takes us on an “Okinawa Trip,” and makes us all wish we could relax on the islands.

I picked up some of these for the cafe, which you can see listed here.