TB.Pensar 8

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An evening that started innocently enough in my new favorite hangout — Minami-Ikebukuro park, reprezentin’ — ended up with my friend being hauled off by the police. The moral of the story? It’s fine to get properly wasted out in the open, but best not to start shooting away bottle rockets, especially when it’s late. (And no worries, my friend didn’t get into too much trouble.) But back to the park, it’s a great little spot, and I quite like that I can enjoy very cheap drinks (i.e. straight from the combini) while sitting outside, with an, ahem, eclectic crew surrounding me. Cat man, shogi dudes, firecracker girl, see you soon!

It’s been a busy week, as you can probably tell from the lower than usual number of daily postings here. I did a long NHK shoot over a few days, which was quite tiring, but without going into what we covered (non-disclosure and all), I can say it was the best segment yet, and you’ll be surprised by one of the locations we scored! This week I participate in my first studio shoot, which should be interesting.

If you’ve been wondering where my Gizmodo posts are, following the announcement I made a couple of weeks ago, we quickly realized that Brian and the boys there are already pretty much on top of all the big Japan-related news, and so it became hard to find proper content. Instead, I’ll be doing the occasional post, and maybe features as well.

I think I’ve finally decided how I want to use the long-dormant M31 site to show off what I do and what I’m about, and so now it’s just a matter of finding the time to prepare the pages, and update everything. Soon, I hope, soon.

There were a few things I wanted to cover in one of these TB.Pensar posts, things that have been floating in my head for the past week or so, but for some reason nothing is coming to mind, so I’ll just leave things as they are. I’m just really looking forward to getting back to the park, beer in hand!