This Week in Magazines


I’ve been slow with my “This Week in Magazines” posts of late, so time to catch up. I’ll probably post another one in a couple of days. Please note that some of the following titles already have a newer issue out. Also, I picked up the following for Cafe Pause last week.

  • TITLE (90) took us on a tour of the “Very Best of Waza-Ari Housing,” meaning small, cosy homes, not unlike the ones featured on that segment I did for last week’s episode of TOKYO EYE. There’s also a big feature on cars, which I pretty much skipped.
  • The previous issue of BRUTUS (620) claimed “No Bike, No Life,” and that’s something I can definitely support. It was a really great issue for anyone with an interest in cycling, from personal accounts to round-ups of bikes. The issue also featured an illustration by Katsuhiro Otomo on a thick stock page.
  • PEN (202) offered a great round-up of top web creators, with lots of work (sites) on evidence. The issue also included a guide to the city of Nagoya.
  • Toshio Iwai is this month’s cover interview for the latest AXIS (128).
  • CASA BRUTUS (89) celebrates “Le Corbusier: 120e Anniversaire!” with a detailed feature that covers pretty much everything you’d want to know about the man and his work. The issue also includes a report from this year’s edition of Art Basel.