TB.Musica 2


Yes, it’s been just over 1 year since I posted the first episode of my TB.Musica podcast series, and finally, here is episode 2 (and a link to the feed). For those new to this, TB.Musica is a music show in which I play 6 tracks from Japanese artists. This time I also added chapters, so you can easily skip to whatever track you like.

TB.Musica 2 (21.4MB, 22:40)

  • Kiiiiiii – “Hot but Milky like Hot Milk”
  • Capsule – “5ive Star”
  • COPTER4016882 – “Rising Core”
  • Yukari Fresh – “YKR PLYS TH GTR & DRMS vs. Dirty Leopard YOOX”
  • The Lowbrows – “Blue”
  • Green & Ilpo – “4869”