No Magazine, No Life

title0802MAGAZINE PICK-UP ALERT: It didn’t take long before I bought a copy of the new issue of TITLE (96). With a cover sporting the words “2008: A Magazine Odyssey,” you just know I had to pick it up. It’s a terrific look at the world of magazines, with the feature claiming “No Magazine, No Life.” Amen, brother! There’s also a great bilingual insert, produced with MONOCLE (it’s almost as if the insert was pulled straight out of an issue of MONOCLE), that covers different aspects of the magazine’s inaugural year, including looks at some test covers and their HQ in London.

And yes, I know I haven’t done one of my “This Week in Magazines” posts in a while. I have been going through new magazines on a regular basis, and have even taken notes for those posts, but for some reason just didn’t get around to writing them of late. I’ll try to get one up this week with a look at the latest releases.