Meta Tokyo Walking

A Morning in West Tokyo

I haven’t been writing much about my cycling adventures of late, but I do go out pretty much every morning for a spin in the city. I recently picked up a Thermal Ride Jacket and Insulated Cycling Gloves from Mont-Bell, and so the cold weather isn’t at all an issue. I also wanted to pick up their Winter Cycling Pants — yes, I’ve crossed THAT line, I’m ready to wear cycling tights — but they were out of my size.

I don’t always go very far — a regular route is heading down Meiji dori to Kanda river, and then cycling along that for a bit — but it just feels good to be riding. A new accessory I got is a bell equipped with a compass, which I’m finding extremely useful. I have a horrible sense of direction, and I’m finding it really helps me get my bearings when I’m exploring a new area.

This morning after I got down to Kanda river, I decided I’d follow Shin-Mejiro dori and see if it would get me to Nakano (I did bring my TOKYO CITY ATLAS with me). It wasn’t the most direct of routes, but made for a nice ride. I followed Shin-Mejiro dori, and just about the time it turns into Mejiro dori, I headed west on Shin-Ome kaido, and then south-west on Nakano dori. Once I got to Nakano, I figured I’d go to Koenji — a place I haven’t been to in ages — and get a latte at Planet 3rd, which is where I’m at right now, writing this. To get back home, I’m thinking I’ll get back to Nakano and then follow Nakano-dori until I get to Waseda dori, which should bring me back to my starting point.

Ah, the joys of riding — I feel like starting a cycling club now!