Month: January 2008

  • Neojaponisme: Martians Go Home

    Neojaponisme has started posting episodes of “Martians Go Home,” a monthly radio column Keigo Oyamada and Kenji Ozawa (Flipper’s Guitar, with Oyamada of course later turning into Cornelius) did for FM Yokohama back in the days when they were just starting out their career.

  • This Week at MoCo Loco

    My weekly Tokyo post at MoCo Loco is up, covering Akemi Tanaka‘s convertible wooden furniture, Ideaco‘s TUBELOR trash can, and Sota Suzuki’s upcoming show at Gallery Rocket. Mortgage Rates

  • A.A.E. Architecture Studio

    Designboom presents a gallery of photos covering various projects from A.A.E. Architecture Studio, including their award-winning Fleg Daikanyama installation, pictured above. Current Mortgage Rates

  • From Koi to Kutsu

    Yoske Nishiumi’s (of Berlin-based Koiklub) latest work based on Onitsuka Tigers sees a koi morph into a sneaker. Via Designboom.

  • Mizutani Cable Knit Corporation

    Time to let the Mizutani Cable Knit Corporation provide rainbow-colored protection for the cables in your home. Any length will do. Order here.

  • Hitotoki DC

    Following last night’s very successful “Hitotoki Hitoban” event at The Pink Cow (if you missed out, there are already plans to do it again), now comes news that the next city to be added to the Hitotoki roster is Washington, DC. That preview page they created is killer!

  • Hitotoki Hitoban

    Just a reminder that tomorrow night (January 29) is the “Hitotoki Hitoban” event/party at The Pink Cow in Shibuya (19:00-22:00, free entrance). It’s a celebration of all things Hitotoki, and will include readings by a few of the contributors, including me, ULESHKA, Joseph Badtke-Berkow, David Cady, Ashley Rawlings, and I believe a few video readings…

  • Music Related Sale

    Trevor has news of a Music Related sale over at the META no TAME blog, and it’s a damn good deal.

  • LED Lights in the Dark

    Yuki has been experimenting with LED lights, and I absolutely love the results.

  • Ikebukuro at Night

    My friend Max has been a man on a photography mission ever since he got a Canon EOS 5D last month, and what you see here, a shot of Ikebukuro at night (larger version here) is one of the results. He also has an interesting gallery of shots covering the homeless and their surroundings, which…