This Week in Magazines


  • BRUTUS (632) goes green with its “Botanical Being” issue, first with a tour of botanical gardens from around the world, and then with various pieces that cover all things organic. They do stray a bit, and interestingly, with one article that looks at glass architecture — as in I.M. Pei’s Pyramide du Louvre — that has been inspired by botanical garden glass structures.
  • CASA BRUTUS (95) presents its annual “My Home” issue, covering the latest developments in Japanese small home design. This is always an issue I pick up, since all the articles in the feature get a bilingual treatment (English/Japanese).
  • If you’re into Nigo and his Bape (A Bathing Ape) empire — I know there are still some of you out there — then you’ll definitely want to pick up the latest issue of EYESCREAM (2008/2). To celebrate the brand’s 15th anniversary, they cover the man, his mission, and pretty much everything Bape, in a photo-heavy feature.
  • FOIL has launched a mook-like spinoff called FOIL_IANN (Vol. 1 2007), with the tagline “contemporary art photography in Asia.” It’s a terrific collection of photography, with this issue getting “Inside Out Outside In Far East Asia.” I particularly liked the works by Edward Burtynsky in China. Strangely enough, the magazine is bilingual, but Korean/Japanese.