In the Guardian

I get a nice mention (scroll down) in the Guardian:

When it comes to art, design, fashion, and general avant-gardism in the Japanese capital, the blogosphere yields one clear scene-shaper. Jean Snow is a Tokyo creative svengali whose sitemeter reveals that he currently has 2,479 subscribers — in layman’s terms, his is a seriously popular blog. At first glance it’s difficult to see why – it’s a tad chaotic – but spend some time clicking through the hundreds of links on his site and you’re guaranteed to find something interesting, usually adorned with Snow’s creative fingerprints somewhere or other. He’s the manager of gallery and creative hub Cafe Pause, and the author of the smashing superfuture pdf guide to Tokyo (which cost a well-worth-it $20).

Thanks for the heads-up, Ian!

UpdateIt should be pointed out that I’m the editor of the SUPERFUTURE SUPERGUIDE for Tokyo. The original author is Superfuture founder Wayne Berkowitz.