Neojaponisme: Meta no Tame


Neojaponisme has just launched a new section, a sister blog of sorts, called Meta no Tame. I’ll let our dear leader explain what it’s all about.

Since we set out to make Neojaponisme an austere “journal” and not a fun-town, what’s-up “blog,” the dialogue has somewhat suffered from our limited ability to talk directly and casually to readers. In order to remedy this problem, we have created a new “meta” blog called META no TAME (a palindrome of sorts), located at

On META no TAME, we will offer site news, staff news, links to other articles that we think you should be reading, an introduction to Japanese net resources, calls for feedback/requests, and quite possibly, open threads. Although we can’t promise daily updates, we recommend that core readers add META no TAME to their blogroll or RSS reader. We hope that this new blog-in-blog will increase the amount of content we can provide on a weekly basis as well as create more opportunities to discuss pertinent issues.