Meet Your New PingMag Editor


Oh, that would be me.

It’s my great pleasure to announce that as of next month I will become one half of the PingMag editorial team, replacing the departing — and very dear — Verena Dauerer. Somehow, it feels like it was destined to happen — maybe the reason I link so often to them — and I’m very, very excited at the prospect of contributing to a site I’ve followed and loved for so long.

And yes, this means I’m leaving Wired‘s Game|Life — I become unWired tomorrow. As most of my friends know, I really have enjoyed covering the games industry over the past eight months — and I hope to continue to do so in some capacity in the future as well — but being at PingMag means that I get back to covering all of the things that make up my mind-space: art, design, pop culture, music, architecture, film, etc.

Hope you’ll all follow me there!