Month: December 2008

  • UnPinged

    It’s with a lot of sadness that I post this, on the final day of 2008. As has just been posted on PingMag, our dear web magazine is done, or as officially stated, placed on “extended hiatus” — the site’s archives will remain online. Yes, the closure comes as a result of this “global economic…

  • The Year in Art 2008

    Ashley Rawlings offers part one of his review of the year in art for 2008 over at TABlog. Part two will follow in early January.

  • Bianchi Fretta-T BD-1

    I’ve talked about my new bike, but today I realized that I hadn’t showed it yet, so here she is. It’s an older bike — a 2005 model of the Bianchi Fretta-T BD-1 — which I purchased from my friend Craig. I have been absolutely loving the ride I’m getting from it, and don’t particular…

  • Shimurabros

    Shimurabros — composed of siblings Yuko and Kentaro Shimura — have produced some interesting works that mix various mediums, resulting in some arresting installations. You can see a few of their projects on their website, and you can catch their hibernation-themed work at the “Artlink in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse” event, which runs until February…

  • Jun Aoki’s 2008 Projects

    Designboom covers three Tokyo projects by architect Jun Aoki that were completed in 2008, including the Sia Aoyama Building (above), the Taro Nasu gallery space, and the Go-Sees Hiroo photo studios.

  • Pedal ID

    Can’t afford a real track bike? Go for the Pedal ID Basic Set instead, a customizable mini version which you can then upgrade with various accessories (tires, chains, saddles, cranks, etc.) Better than Barbie! Via Craig.

  • Hair Salon by Isolation Unit

    Dezeen covers a new hair salon in Osaka for the LIM chain, designed by Isolation Unit’s Teruhiro Yanagihara. Certainly not what you’d expect from a hair salon, with heavy use of concrete and a very clean layout.

  • Accent Tonique Update

    If there’s one constant when I check out design-related events, it’s that I know I’ll bump into Loic de Tonge, of Tokyo-based interior design office Accent Tonique. He’s had quite the busy year, having had a hand in plenty of new spaces, which you’ll find listed on their website. Pictured above, the Zusso Kids Cafe…

  • Appliya

    Appliya is a new Japanese publisher of iPhone and iPod Touch apps, with a very friendly bilingual site that helps guide through what they’re all about. Strangely enough, one of their upcoming apps, Katana, has been held up in the Apple approval process for about two months — too bad, it looks like it could…

  • This Week at MoCo Loco

    After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back at MoCo Loco with a new “This Week from Tokyo” post. I cover Nendo’s Aromamora bottle design, Yamasaki Design Works‘ Triangle Clip, and Yuento’s Wacca Aroma Diffuser.