101TOKYO Under Construction

Spotted on Facebook: the 101TOKYO event space being put together. The show itself runs April 2-5 at Akiba Square (inside the UDX building) in Akihabara, and make sure to drop by Thursday evening (April 2, 18:00-20:00) for a special edition PechaKucha Night hosted by our very own Mark Dytham.

Tokyo by Tokyo

I posted about it over at PechaKucha Daily last week — where you can see a few images from a PKN presentation — but I certainly need to mention here as well Claska‘s new bilingual (English/Japanese) pocket cityguide, Tokyo by Tokyo. The idea was to invite 70 creatives — our good friend Marxy is even […]


I think Warren really is onto something when he talks about 2009 as the year of POD (print-on-demand). I’ve seen quite a few very nice projects take that route of late, and the latest is by Tokyo-based photographer Stephen Lebovits. His Brokenfotografy – Volume 1 is now being offered through Blurb.

Gelmannica 2009

Celebrated designer and media artist Gelman has been tied into Tokyo’s electronic music scene for a while now — through his associations with Minimal Tokyo and his “Gelman Lounge” events — and now he’s bringing things to a new level with the inaugural edition of Gelmannica, “the first international festival for electronic music and media […]

PechaKucha Head

I posted about this the other day on PechaKucha Daily, but wanted to mention it here too. Jesper and the NCM crew — to help celebrate last week’s 60th edition of PechaKucha Night in Tokyo — created a cool web app that turns every one into a PechaKucha Head, courtesy of that great Namaiki-designed logo.

20 Japanese Architects

20 Japanese Architects is a new book by Roland Hagenberg that covers, well, 20 Japanese architects and their works through a series of interviews. Now for the bad news, it seems that the English/Chinese tome is currently only available in Taiwan, and there is no way — for now — to order it online. Via […]