Weekend Reading on SNOW

Looking for something to read this weekend? You could definitely do worse than catching up on this week’s new articles on SNOW Magazine — yes, despite my trip to Boston, I kept updates to the site timely. I don’t usually post anything during the weekend, but I’ve just added the first column by Sophie Knight, “My Yamanote Romance,” a long essay on a cycling tour of the famous train line.

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PechaKucha Control Center

Here I am, acting all serious and shit at the “control center” this past Saturday for the big “Global PechaKucha Night for Haiti” — in the foreground you see the back of the head of Mark Dytham, and my PechaKucha colleague Tomoko. The photo is courtesy of Arvin Panwar — more photos from that night here.


Where have I been? Currently in Boston — a sort of last-minute research trip for my wife, with me along for the ride. This came off the heels of a rather hectic month of preparations for the “PechaKucha for Haiti” event that was held this past Saturday. Still been busy here, mostly working from the hotel room, mixed with the worst case of jetlag I’ve ever experienced I think (which has been good in terms of catching up on Olympic coverage in the middle of the night). Oh well.

Will be back in Tokyo on Monday, which was a bit too tight for a regular PauseTalk edition (first Monday), which explains why it was pushed back a week — see all you PauseTalkers on the 8th!

PechaKucha for Haiti

Just a note to let everyone know about the global “PechaKucha for Haiti” event happening today. You’ll be able to watch a live stream of the entire thing from the front page of the PechaKucha website. There are also local events happening around the world — the Tokyo one is at SuperDeluxe, doors open at 16:20, and the entire global event kicks off at 17:00.

SNOW Magazine Update

Time again for a round-up of recent articles to appear on SNOW Magazine, and also to welcome Alastair Townsend (BAKOKO) as a new contributor to the site — I’m now posting the terrific “A Few Things” series of posts he’s been doing on his blog, about contrasting housing-related issues between Japan and the West.

I’ll be debuting a few new columns this week too — expect Spoon & Tamago‘s Johnny Strategy first piece to go up later today. And here’s a reminder that you can subscribe to an RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Weekend Reading from SNOW

Here’s another round-up of the last few days of articles to appear on SNOW Magazine. First I’d like to highlight the three guest columns that appeared this week: Bianca Beuttel returns to the package design series she used to contribute to PingMag (starting with Xylish gum packaging), Audrey Fondecave provides a second column to make sure everyone knows about Abake and their open studio sessions, and we ended the week with Hiyoko Imai’s first contribution in what she’s calling her “SNOW Characters” series.

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PauseTalk in March

Oh, don’t you just love these PauseTalk updates? So after having to cancel this month’s edition I said that it would be back in March, but unfortunately, again, it won’t happen on the first Monday (which would be March 1) because it looks like I’ll be in China at the end of this month and not back in time. BUT, this just means that it will be happening the following Monday, March 8. So circle your calendar, and see you then!

Latest on SNOW

So what’s the latest on SNOW? I guess two new developments art that I added a dedicated Twitter feed, and also created a Facebook fan page. The Twitter feed is mostly just automated with new articles from the site — because some people actually prefer that over RSS feeds these days — but I do keep an eye on it, and will reply to questions and comments. The Facebook page is just another way of putting the site out there, and should be a good way of informing members of SNOW-related events as they happen.

Regular content updates have also continued over the past week, with a few new guest columns and my regular news items. Here’s a list of what you may have missed over the past few days.


Arcade Mania Gets 3rd Printing

Some very good news: Arcade Mania is getting a 3rd print run! Huge thanks to everyone who has picked up the book so far — hoping you’ve enjoyed it — and here’s an invitation to everyone who hasn’t done so yet. The book is available in bookstores, but of course on Amazons worldwide too (Amazon US, Amazon Japan).