SNOW Magazine Cafe

I’m very happy to announce that the first SNOW Magazine-related event will take the form of a magazine exhibition at Cafe Pause this summer (August 1-31). The SNOW Magazine Cafe will be a month-long celebration of art, design, and culture magazines from around the world, on display for everyone’s reading pleasure. It will be accompanied […]

PauseTalk in May

I purposely didn’t announce when the next PauseTalk (Vol. 40) was happening because I wasn’t sure what to do about the Golden Week holiday, but for now I’m circling May 10 as the date, which would be the Monday following the week-long holiday. Also, I’ve decided to scratch plans for a big celebration party — […]

Reviving Art Space Tokyo

My friends Craig Mod and Ashley Rawlings produced this terrific book a couple of years ago called Art Space Tokyo, you may have heard of it — I’ve certainly plugged it and recommended it countless times to anyone I talk to when it comes to the art scene in Tokyo. It has unfortunately been out […]