Atami no Sousakan

I’m not a big fan of Japanese dramas in general, but there are the occasional series that I like to follow, usually something that my wife has been really enjoying. I would include Trick and Jikou Keisatsu in that bunch, and now Atami no Sousakan. Atami is a new Twin Peaks-ish mystery produced by the […]

Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential

I just posted something about the new book Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential on SNOW Magazine, but wanted to mention it here too. It’s Brian Ashcraft’s follow-up to Arcade Mania, to which I contributed, and I can assure you that fans of AM will absolutely love Confidential too. It’s done in the same style and was edited […]

But What Does it Look Like?

Apologies to everyone waiting to see and read more about what the SNOW Magazine Cafe looks like. A bit slammed with work right now, but I’ll be posting stuff soon enough, hopefully by this weekend. Really happy with how it all turned out, although was expecting a bigger turnout for the PauseTalk/opening on Monday — […]