The New Yorker on iPad

The big news in the digital magazine world this week is of course the release of Conde Nast’s The New Yorker app. It was designed by the same team behind the Wired magazine app — creative director Scott Dadich is in fact now in charge of bringing all of the publisher’s stable of titles to […]

Let’s Get Non-Physical

Some more interesting musings by Warren Ellis in regards to digital comics, this time using the success of his free-to-read online web comic FREAKANGELS as an example. Now combine this with iPad delivery, and you have a strong case for comic creators making the move to digital-mostly, with maybe the additions of printed collections for […]

A Beautiful Future for Digital Books

If you haven’t watched it yet, do take the time to take a look at the conceptual video IDEO has put together, presenting three possible experiences that digital books on a tablet could offer. It’s pretty interesting stuff, and although most comments seem to be excited about the first example (“Nelson”) — which is sort […]

Dazed & Confused Japan RIP

Yes, another one bites the dust, with Dazed & Confused Japan as the latest Japanese culture magazine casualty. Even though the official site doesn’t have any announcement, N√©ojaponisme recently tweeted the news, linking to the following post which indicates that #84 is the final issue. The Japanese edition was first launched back in 2002, and […]