Out in Koenji

As I mentioned when I wrote about it at SNOW Magazine, this past Friday night I headed out to Koenji to catch the reception of Antonin Gaultier’s “2005-2010: Collected Archives” show. It was held at Alin Huma’s F de C Tokyo multi-purpose space, and it was my first visit there. I had a really nice time, and the crowd was great — was good to finally meet Alex of so+ba, although I hope I didn’t freak him out too much with my Uwe Boll stories — but what made the evening even better is that I decided to go there by bicycle, from Ikebukuro. I’ll say that the ride back when it suddently got really cold with high winds wasn’t as fun as the way there, but it still felt good (I haven’t really been cycling regularly of late).

The photo above popped up on Facebook, and was taken by Yann Le Goec. That’s me in the space, with my back to the camera, talking to Alin.

Codex 20

Well, I have to say I’m pretty happy by the fact that I’ve already reached episode 20 of the Codex, which means I’ve stayed weekly since starting it (back in November of last year). Download this latest episode here.

PechaKucha Night in Tokyo Vol. 80

Hey, tomorrow night (Wednesday, February 23) not only marks the momentous Vol. 80 for PechaKucha Night, but this week (and February 20 specifically) also marks PechaKucha’s 8th anniversary. The evening’s presenters will also feature a few friends, including the New York Times‘ Hiroko Tabuchi, Tokyo-based artist Rob Judges, and Edward Harrison (Idle Idol, Fuzz & Fur). Come one, come all, it all happens at SuperDeluxe, with presentations start from 20:20.

PauseTalk Next Week

It’s been a long time coming, but yes, following a 2-month hiatus, PauseTalk Vol. 47 is happening this Monday (February 7) at Cafe Pause, with the regular start time of 20:00. The reason for the hiatus was because attendance was getting low at the end of last year, and so I figured it was time for a break. Here’s looking forward to a new edition, and to some good talk! For those interested, here’s the Facebook event page.