PauseTalk Vol. 49

I’d like to once again thank everyone who made it to PauseTalk Vol. 49 at Cafe Pause earlier this month — it was held on April 4. I remember a lot of great discussions going on, and although it mostly focused on the Japan Earthquake and its aftermath, I think it still fit the bill as a […]

Codex 25

Just recorded a new episode of the Codex (25), and it’s ready for downloading and listening. Also, while I was recording I think I had an idea on something I want to do with the show in the near future, and it involves one of my other projects. More on that — if I can […]

Codex 24

I needed to take a little break from all the Inspire Japan preparations, and so decided to suddenly record a new episode of the Codex (24) — here it is.

Global PechaKucha Day – Inspire Japan

If you’ve been to the front page of this site sometime this week (I have to assume that many of you reading this in your feed reader), then more than likely you’ve noticed the giant banner I have there now. It’s for the big Global PechaKucha Day – Inspire Japan event I’ve been working on […]

Codex 23

A new episode of my weekly music podcast, Codex (23), is up. It’s another of my theme shows in which I play a bunch of tracks from albums that have titles that start with the same letter (in this case, “C”).