Mount Okuhotaka

About to head out to the mountains in Nagano again, this time we’re doing Mount Okuhotaka (pictured, Mount Hotaka, from the Wikipedia page). It’s the third highest peak in Japan, at 3190m. It’s our last chance to stay in mountain huts, as they close for the winter. It’s going to be cold, of that I’m […]

Instabike Tokyo

I’m very happy to announce a new little project of mine called Instabike Tokyo. It all started last week when I discovered a site that Amsterdam-based illustratorLaszlito Kovacs had launched called Instabike. The idea was a simple one, and can be explained with this mathematical equation: Amsterdam + Bikes + Instagram = Victory! I loved […]

Gym Class Magazine No. 8

And while I’m talking about magazines, let me also recommend you pick up the new issue of Gym Class Magazine (No. 8), which not only includes a piece by yours truly, but is basically a dream team issue with contributions by a bevvy of magazine freaks (and I of course use that last word in the […]

PauseTalk Vol. 54

I know I’m terribly late with this, but here’s a partial list of those who attended this past month’s PauseTalkVol. 54 (those who signed up the attendance sheet). It was an interesting evening, with the talk this time often revolving around game development and design, since we had a few developers as part of the […]

Biking City

As of a couple of weeks ago I’ve started spending more time at the Klein Dytham architecture office in Ebisu, and that’s given me an excuse to do a lot of biking again. That’s still my bike pictured above, a Bianchi BD-1, that I bought from Craig Mod close to 3 years ago. At first […]

Mount Takanosu

It was back to the mountains yesterday, but this time closer to home as we went to the Okutama area to climb Mount Takanosu. It still always amazes me that all of this terrific terrain is within the boundaries of Tokyo. It was a tough day though, as the hike up was quite the workout […]